Basic gold prospecting equipment - a sluice box for sluicing, a gold pan for panning, a sucker tube (non-mechanical dredge) and a gold spiral wheel for cleanup
are the main equipment to use when prospecting. Smaller tools and gear are also needed. Having all of the necessary equipment and knowing how to use them
correctly won't help you unless you know where and how to look for this illusive yellow mineral in rivers, streams and creeks.
How to setup and use a sluice box How to prospect for gold There's a modern day Gold Rush going on across the United States. In 2011 gold hit a high of over $1,945.00 an ounce and then settled back down to $1,537.00. Since then it has been steadily rising and economists predict that it may reach as high as $2,500.00 an ounce within the next two years. With the price so high and climbing even higher, now is the right time for you to experience the adrenaline rush of prospecting yourself. If you have ever wondered what is involved and what it takes to bring home the gold, then read on.

My name is Larry and I have over 30 years of prospecting experience running through my veins and I have been doing it in 9 different states and the first thing that I don't want you to do is
members login to make the same mistakes that I did when I first started out in 1979 in Idaho. At that time there was no Internet or cell phones (well there were cell phones adjusting water flow in a sluice boxbut they were as large as a small suitcase and the battery packs to power them were even bigger and you basically had to be rich to own one). At the time I made the decision to get into prospecting I gave myself the choice of getting into it full steam ahead or not at all, and being completely serious about it I chose full steam ahead. Long story short - after making countless long distance calls and having to drive hundreds of miles I thought I had purchased everything that I needed for prospecting. Well it didn't take me long but after going into the field a few times I figured out the hard way that I had bought prospecting gear that wasn't necessary for me to use and I was hauling the extra weight in and out of the field for no reason at all. I also discovered dredging in a river the hard way that I hadn't purchased certain necessary items needed and between the two they cost me in wasted money, not to mention the lost revenue in unfound Gold from not having the proper tools. In the past, I sold the Gold that I had prospected usually a few grams to as much as a half ounce at a time and even though Gold was only going for a little over $200.00 an ounce it was still profitable because the cost of living was much lower then. I now know that if I had horded all of it that I had prospected over the years instead of selling it, I would probably be able to retire on it now with what the price of it is going for today and because of this, I treat Gold much more differently now than I did then.

I am still prospecting today and over the years I have practiced the correct science and technology behind it and only use certain tools and methods including a Sluice Box, a sucker-tube (non-mechanical hand dredge) and an extremely innovative device from Australia for extracting my heavies, and to extract the Gold from my heavies I strictly use a Spiral Wheel and/or a Gold Pan (the pan I use isn't your ordinary pan, by design it has a trap built into it that the illusive yellow mineral drops into and because of this you can process more of your heavies quicker gold nuggets, pickers, flakes and dustthan you could if using a regular pan that prospectors have been using for over 100 years). Besides these main prospecting tools I also use a minimal number of necessary smaller tools to retrieve the material from a creek, stream or river to process into heavies and then to extract the Gold from it. Remember that you are always packing your gear from your vehicle to the river (downward) and back again (upward) so you want to go as light as possible. Because of this I use a Miners Bucketpack specifically designed for prospecting and it hauls all of my necessary gear needed for prospecting, the only other thing that I have to haul besides what is on this Miners Bucketpack is my Sluice Box (they aren't that heavy, mine only weighs 9 lbs.) and it like the majority of them comes with a carrying handle. By using this Miners Bucketpack to haul all of my gear, it allows me to go prospecting almost effortlessly by myself (if I plan on using my Australian device instead of my Sluice Box it is packed onto the Backpack with the rest of my gear so I can make it to my prospecting site Hands Free).